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Debut album from Tomorrow at Dawn.  This is a side project from John Lutzow from Leviathan and Jason Boudreau from Quiet Room.  This album features all instrumental acoustic guitar.
Track Listing:
1. The Charade
2. Demian des L'aube
3. Nocturnal Remission Impossible
4. Snappy Trap
5. Staremood
6. Waking Up to a Breakdown
7. A Touch of Blue
8. Sada Tay
9. Impulse Trigger Response
10. Scarlet
11. Passion Out


Tomorrow at Dawn marks the resumption of a dynamic artistic collaboration that began more than 20 years ago between Colorado guitarists John Lutzow and Jason Boudreau.


While attending rival Aurora high schools in the late 1980s, John and Jason were brought together by mutual friend Chris Broderick (Megadeth, Nevermore, Jag Panzer). Broderick believed the musical influences,  innovative composition styles, and joy in technical playing the two shared were bound to produce a rare chemistry. 


In the glory days of metal, long-haired versions of John and Jason were guitar shredding standouts in their short-lived bands Tyrant’s Reign and Incarnate Fear. In 1991 the two friends parted ways as each found a home in the progressive metal bands that would consume them for the next two decades— with John joining Leviathan (Century Media, RTN) and Jason forming The Quiet Room (Metal Blade). Both would go on to write and perform songs that took full advantage of skilled technique and leading-edge technology to move beyond the expectations of metal music. Both remained in Colorado to raise families and follow where the music led them, but they quickly drifted out of each other’s lives. It would be more than 20 years before mutual yearnings for a new project and a new sound would bring them to play together again.


While shredding is still seen as the pinnacle of virtuoso guitar performance, in recent years gifted players such as Rodrigo y Gabriella and Tommy Emmanuel have developed new audiences for highly technical playing originating from many different genres including classical, flamenco, blues, and jazz. These influences, along with a strong desire to challenge what is possible for two Colorado boys and their guitars, led to the rekindling of a friendship and, ultimately, Tomorrow at Dawn.

Tomorrow at Dawn: From Diablo to Devereux

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