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I only have a few more copies of this reissue in USA.  Germany is sold-out.   Depending on what happens in the future this will be the only pressing. 


Leviathan Remastered:  Reissue of acclaimed Deepest Secrets Beneath album from 1994 and debut EP from 1992.  Includes previously unreleased bonus track; Asylum.  


Deepest Secrets Beneath was originally released by RTN Records Europe 1994 

EP was released by Corrosive Records 1992

Re-released by Stonefellowship Recordings and Corrosive Records 2011

Recorded at Colorado Sound Studios

Mixed at Morrisound Studios by Jim Morris

Produced by Leviathan


Leviathan Remastered: 

Track Listing
1. Confidence Not Arrogance
2. Sanctuary
3. The Calling
4. Painful Pursuit of Passion and Purpose
5. Not Always Lost But Alone
6. The Falling Snow
7. Run Forever
8. Disenchanted Dreams of Conformity
9. Speed Kills
10. Asylum *bonus track 
11. Fear of Change
12. Degenerating Paradise
13. Two Roads to Nowhere
14. Beast of Burden
15. Leviathan
All songs copyright 1992-2011 
Fear of Change music ASCAP and Ink Pen Exorcism music ASCAP


Leviathan Remastered: Reissue of Deepest Secrets Beneath and Debut EP

SKU: 884501435307
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