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The new studio album from Leviathan:  released 2018 Stonefellowship Recordings.

Featuring Mark Zonder on drums

Raphael Gazal on vocals

Derek Blake on bass

John Lutzow on guitar, keyboards, vocals

Produced by Leviathan

Recorded at Ukrainian homestead studios, Aurora, CO 2016-2017

Mixed and mastered at Evergroove Studios, Evergreen, CO 2018

All songs written by John Lutzow

Can't Be Seen By Looking: Blurring the Lines, Clouding the Truth

1. Life Beyond Meaning

2. Mercy Kill Liberty

3. Properly Channeled Rage

4. The Struggle to be Seen as Human:

     I.   American dream in downtrodden upswing.  

     II.  Rousing the Rabble  to Fuel the Fire of Babel.  

     III.  Spinning Yarns to Quell the Savage Beast.  

 5. Turning Lost Boys Into Found Men

 6.  Lies are the New Normal (No Lesser of Evil)

Running time 52.16


All songs copyright 2018.  Published by Ink Pen Exorcism music ASCAP

Can't be Seen by Looking: Blurring the Lines, Clouding the Truth- CD

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