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This release is almost sold-out.  Will ship from USA.  Out of stock in Germany.

Studio album from Leviathan

At Long Last, Progress Stopped to Follow

released by Stonefellowship Recordings 2011


Recorded, mixed and mastered at Killarney Street studios.  

Produced and engineered by JCL

All songs written by John Lutzow


Track listing:

1. Blue Screen of Death - THC EMP part I

2. Forsaken, Forgotten, For Nothing

3. Burning the Candle at Both Ends

4. Third Rail to the Third World - THC EMP part II

5. Acapello Gold

6. Vanity Might Protect

7. Memorized Fairytales

8. Distention of Time - THC EMP part III

9. Release of Tears

Copyright 2011 

Published Ink Pen Exorcism music ASCAP


$20.00 US.  International Shipping included.

At Long Last Progress Stopped to Follow - CD

SKU: 884501482660
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